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Commercial Mediation


No one is ever congratulated for perpetuating an argument or tying up money in litigation.

Destroying a formerly good working or family relationship can have ongoing and damaging repercussions for everyone involved.


How can you justify expending time, energy and chargeable hours dealing with disputes?  Tying up funds in conflict is uneconomical and watching business and personal relationships flounder can be draining. 


We can help across a wide range of issues including:


Business Disputes

Contracts and Leases

Land and Property

Building Contracts

Probate and Inheritance

Personal Injury Claims

Claims in the Workplace


We are accredited commercial mediators and we know that no business however large or small can carry the weight of unresolved disputes.

No family chooses to carry the burden of unresolved issues.


We aim to help you resolve those disputes so that you can move on and get back to what's important in your business and in your life. 

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