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Family Mediation


Child Arrangements and Parental

Most parents acknowledge the importance of keeping their children away from adult issues but how will you parent your children if you're not communicating? We can help you with this.

Direct Child Consultation

Direct Child Consultation gives your child a voice in the mediation process. 


While children are not the decision makers their wishes and feelings can help inform your choices as parents as you separate.


Sometimes it's appropriate to use an independent child consultant for direct consultation and we can talk about this in mediation.

Property and Finance 
Child Support

As you separate out your lives you will need to look at family finances. We will help you with what needs to be considered. How will you value your assets: pensions, shares, investments?Where will you both live? What about your children, their schooling, their friends, your work commitments?


You will need legal advice during mediation to give you the security of knowing you are reaching an agreement that is acceptable to a Court.


It means mediation not only allows you the freedom and flexibility to talk about what's important to you, it also gives you the comfort of knowing that the proposals you reach will be ratified by a Court.

One Day Mediation

We can offer you a model of mediation that aims to help you come to a binding agreement in a day.


Time is often at a premium and sorting out issues around property and finance using this model suits some clients more than attending a series of shorter mediation sessions.


Your legal advisors need to be present on the day and this process requires meticulous preparation but we are happy to explain this style of mediation, and whether it's suitable for you, at the intial meeting.

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