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Couples embarking on a new relationship often move in together. Some couples will live in a house one of them already owns or rents and some may decide to buy a property together.

The careful couple will usually make an agreement when they buy together setting out who owns what share; or agree who pays for what when they start to live together. Sometimes agreements are written down and sometimes they're not. Getting together can be a gradual process, couples slip into informal financial arrangements over time, and over time can start to assume something different from what was originally agreed.

Circumstances invariably change. Children may be born, jobs start and end, incomes fluctuate, mortgage contributions can no longer be afforded, properties may be re-mortgaged or varied and both of you start contributing in different ways from those you first agreed on.

Years later when your relationship ends how do you agree what’s a fair split of your assets? Untangling the muddle requires tact and technique – mediation offers both.

We do not have a magic wand, but we can help you reach a decision that is fair, and meets yours and your family’s needs.

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