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One Day Mediation

One Day Mediation

As an accredited commercial and family mediator I can offer you one day mediation.

It is my experience that very few clients involved in property and finance proceedings come out of Court thrilled with the outcome.

It is completely understandable to want the security of instructing solicitors, particularly in the early stages of your separation, not only because you want hands on advice at every step in an area you’re unfamiliar with, but also because you may feel you need an interface between you and your former spouse/partner. Emotions run high particularly at the beginning of a separation when there is a lot of hurt and anger.

What you don’t know however is that a Court isn’t going to give you “justice” and a Court isn’t going to listen to why things went wrong. The First Appointment is the initial stage of what can become protracted and expensive litigation - there is no immediate quick fix and sadly the process can be expensive both financially and emotionally. Moreover where children are involved you can run the risk in litigation of losing your ability to communicate as parents, which can make your children a casualty of your separation.

Whilst there is no silver bullet in mediation, no magic wand, in appropriate cases one day mediation offers a faster and cheaper way of separating your finances and property and allows you to reach a binding agreement in a day.

Your solicitor plays an important role in one day mediation and is there to give you advice as the mediation progresses. My aim is to get you to a binding financial agreement at the end of the day, an agreement which your solicitor will draw up on the day.

You may not be punching the air at the end of a one day mediation but it will have offered you an opportunity of working through the issues, both financial and emotional, to reach an agreement you can live with, much faster and much more cheaply than going to Court and which I hope will keep you talking beyond the mediation, as you each move forward with your separate lives.

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