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Truth is stranger than fiction

Justin and Miranda:

Is truth stranger than fiction?

Whilst you either love or hate The Archers its recent story line caught my attention.

Justin Elliott the deal making “profit in everything” city dwelling man about town has fallen head over heels in love with fun loving farming family founder Lilian Bellamy (nee Archer) a bonne vivante and committed G & T drinker.

Justin is currently trying to extract himself from his 25+ year marriage to his hurt and angry wife Miranda who has helped him build up his multi million pound business empire over the course of their marriage.

So how can you talk when one of you is hurt and angry and the other has moved on?

Whilst no one would expect to resolve their property and finance issues in a 5 minute radio slot it was interesting to hear Justin and Miranda’s characters talking through their property and finances issues, their mutual distrust of one another, their anger and exasperation and finally a will and need to compromise to reach a settlement that whilst not perfect was one they could each live with.

While your lives are not directed by the whim of a script writer’s pen you too can work out a financial settlement together.

How? Mediation.

Mediation offers you a space in which to think about what’s important – what you need, what your family needs and what your future’s hold.

A family mediator is a trained professional working with you both to facilitate your communication to get you both talking about what’s important to help you both reach your own settlement; one you can each live with.

It won’t be completed in a 5 five minute discussion but it will be a lot quicker, a lot cheaper and a lot less emotional than Court, or other forms of ADR.

What’s more, having reached your own unique settlement you will understand the reasons behind it, you will be more willing to see it implemented and, who knows, you may still be talking when it’s all over.

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